Direction change for this blog

When I started this blog it was to document the Morris that I was going to build for my daughter sadly she now wants something more modern and the Morris Minor parts have been passed on to my brother who wants to make it into a king cab tray-back Ute. Thus I am going to make this blog the home of updates on my Morris Eight project instead. I will shortly re post from the progress reports form my Iain Seven Blog here.


28 Dodge Update

Regular readers may recall me talking about my brother’s lovely old 28′ Dodge. Well I’m happy to be able to report that he has made some great progress on the car of late as the pictures below will testify:


These fenders have had the attention of an old school professional pannelbeater and now that they have been painted they look delightful


The same chap made the front valance piece from scratch when the original was beyond repair


Glossy is an under statement!


The seats have been recovered before and missing springs replaced with blocks of foam


the old cover removed from the frond squab


new springs are being sought


the front seat back uncovered


wood was used a great deal in early cars


the core of vintage seats is much the same as inner spring materesses


pretty good for a very old seat!


seat back cleaned up


there are two ways to make pleats this is one f them


Cut your Material into 100mm strips and sew them back together


looks good!

There you have it and I hope to soon ride in this fine old automobile
Cheers Comrades

More progress on that go anywhwere Morris

Find below some more shots of Peter’s very cute Morris/Suzuki hybrid as can be seen from the pictures he is making good progress and he reports that the car is now running.

a guard goes on

the grill panel has been modified to allow the towing loop to come throught and it will be cut to allow the fitting of an alloy Bull-bar.

what was I saying earlier about the instrument panel  looking good with a coat of paint?

that piece of wood to hold the bonnet up is only temporary

Progress report August 1

I had hoped that I could re work the alternator bracket to make the engine mounts but it just did not work properly so I have had to make up this complicated set up instead

I originally planned to have an non boosted braking system but have thought better of the idea and now I am using the Barina booster with my Nissan master cylinder. On the cross member is the rocker arm that will be necessary to connect the pedal to the hydraulics

Boy its been a lot of work to get the floor-pan to fit on the chassis. Firstly the chassis is flat on top whereas the saloon floor dips down behind the front seats . It might have been easier to remake the whole thing from scratch but I want to use as much original metal as possible

The green section was once the roof of the Barina  and if you look closely you will see the roofing screws that I have used temporarily to hold the sheet tight to the chassis rails

the front floor section patched with new steel

Ute and van bodies have an extra section that I have reproduced in steel tube here

A couple of favours for a mate

I have not made much progress on our Morris but I have done a couple of little things for my brother’s 4WD Morris project first off I made him a new bonnet brace  because the carby on his engine hits the cross brace on a standard Morris bonnet my solution was to make a new “u” shaped piece out of 40 x 20 RHS that roughly follows the shape of the inside of the bonnet and attaches at the same point as the original. the two bracing bars that pick up on the hinge bolts were retained, re-bent  and then welded to the new brace.

It took me the most  of a day to cut and shape this part using and old bonnet as a jig to ensure that it will fit

The other little job involved customising a RH glove-box lid so that it could take the extra instruments (tacho amp and fuel) along with the idiot lights.

firstly I took a standard lid and cut out the raised section in the middle replacing it with some flat sheet. which I carefully welded in from behind taking care to “dance around to minimise distortion Clamping the two pieces to some Aluminium helped prevent burn through as did turning the mig down to a lower setting .

Holes cut

dials installed and looking real good all it needs now is a smear of bog a quick rubdown and paint to make it look perfect. personally I would have mounted the Tacho just a shade higher though.

Looks good eh?

Cheers Comrades

A go ANYWHERE Morris Minor

If there is one thing that I am certain of its that when it comes to custom cars  the only limit in the imagination of builders and today I’m sharing with you a very cute project. essentially its a re-body of a Suzuki Sierra with a cab made from a Morris minor four door that has been cut down to a king cab ute.

To make everything from the Suzuki fit properly  its builder has grafted in the firewall and floor from the Suzuki, thus the body attaches to the chassis just as it did when it left the factory  and by using a fou door body the car has enough room for Aussie sized blokes. any way enjoy the pictures of what is a very classy looking steed.

Is that Cute or what?